This report will show all unpaid bookings, and all bookings with unpaid invoices.

To open the Unpaid Bookings report, select it from 'Reports' in the submenu 

Filters Section 

By default the Departure ‘To’ filter will default to Today's date, therefore the report will list all bookings which are unpaid and invoices departed any time in the past and today. 

You can create a report filter  so you can save and share customised report filters with other staff users.

Select specific dates using the ‘From’ and ‘To’ date pickers or click on the Show Additional Options button for more options. Note that some multiple filter selections may be contradictory, resulting in no records. The filter fields are explained below:

  • Property (Only available for accounts with multiple properties) This is a multi-select filter that allows you to choose which properties should be included in the results. 

  • Rate Plan:  is a multi select filter where you can choose which rate types are to be included in your results

  • Booked On, Arrival, Departure: allows you to search specific date periods using the ‘From’ and ‘To’ date pickers.

  • Made By: allows you to choose which sources to include in the report results

  • Invoice Status: multi checkboxes where you have the option to search unpaid bookings which are not invoiced or only invoiced. 

  • Finance:

    • Unpaid Deposit Balance:  search unpaid bookings where a deposit has not been paid

    • Include Credit Bookings: will show credit bookings and invoices. A green ‘CR’ icon will display in the results

  • Overdue Invoices only: shows invoices that have not been paid by its invoice due date 

  • Booking Status: multi checkboxes where you can search by what phase the booking is in (eg. Confirmed, On Hold, On Request, Cancelled). They will show up as icons on the report 

  • Check In Status: multi checkboxes where you can search by a guest's arrival or not. They will show up as icons on the report 

Email, Print  and Export

You can also choose to email (pdf or csv format), print, and export your results by clicking on the icons - see image below:


The email, print out and export will match the dates showing on the screen 

i.e. it will export the same records as seen on the screen that is a result of the filters chosen.

Running the Report

You can choose what columns you would like displayed on the results table as well as select the number of rows. The report will default to 100 rows and 18 columns.

The Report Results section will update and show tables of results based on the filters applied. Looking at the screenshot below the report shows:

  • booking 11942 - a booking that has not been paid or invoiced

  • booking 11943 - a booking which has a $0 booking balance but the two invoices raised on it have not been paid.

  • booking 11944 - a booking with one invoice raised against it but not paid

Accounts with only one property will only show one table of results with the total at the bottom of the table.

Accounts which have multiple properties; the results will appear in tables for each respective property with subtotals. Report totals will display at the bottom of the page for selected and all properties