‘Auto-upload’ mode is the feature in RoomPriceGenie that helps you save countless hours that you would usually spend on researching competitor prices and changing your own rates. It means that we automatically check competitors, run calculations, and update your prices for you 7 times a day. You will then only need to log in to change the prices when you think adjustments are necessary.

Why is this important?

It means that we are adapting to changes in the market and occupancy much quicker than you would be able to do manually. We found out that clients who switched to auto-upload made 5% more revenue compared to when they had to upload prices manually.
5% more revenue just by switching on Auto-Upload. And all with less work.

So when you are comfortable that our prices are right for you, we would recommend the Auto-Upload feature. You can decide the period you want to update, and the periods you don’t want us to update. If you are not comfortable with the prices, talk to us, it’s more than likely we can find a better fit for you.

On the right hand corner in the app, you can switch on the Auto-upload

Choose the time period for which we will automatically update prices for your property