In some cases, you may need to manually change prices for special events.

Maybe you do not agree with the system’s suggestion or you want to try something different. There are various ways to override the price suggestions; below we will introduce them to you.

How to:

1) Navigate to the pricing calendar

2) Choose the day for which you want to manually change the prices

3) In the appearing window, you have three options in the middle

Look below where we clearify all three options in more detail.

You have three options to manually modify prices for special days

Fix Price

If you want to charge a fixed price for that specific day which will not be affected by our price recommendations, you can set a Fix Price and give it a name in the calendar. We will over-ride our own price suggestion with your fixed price in the future.

Take into account: a Fix Price can be set at a higher level than your maximum, or lower than your minimum. Thus, it will over-ride your general minimum and maximum prices which you have set under the Room Type Setup. 

For example, if your maximum is $300 but you set $450 for a specific date,

we will upload your set $450 price to your PMS/CM.

Adjust Price

If you want to be 10% higher than our recommended price for that specific day, you can do this by choosing Daily Adjustment. The system will keep calculating prices every day, taking into account changes in local demand and your occupancy. Yet, it will always apply your Daily Adjustment at the end.

Note here, the system would not allow any prices to go above your pre-set maximum or below the minimum. 

For example, if our system would suggest charging $120 for the 24th of July and you would like to add +10% on that specific date, the price send to your PMS/CM would be $132.

Skip Price

If you are happy with your current price in your PMS or CM for that specific date and don’t want our price recommendations affecting it, enable Skip Date from Pricing. 

Here, we would not send any price recommendations to your PMS/CM for a specific date at all.

Individual Minimum and Maximum Prices

Within the more advanced plans, you have the option to define individual minimum and maximum prices for each room type category for a special day during the week or year. Click here for more information: