You need to be aware that everything is changing all the time. In the old days, you would be getting telephone reservations from people with very limited information about their other choices.

Now the customer has access to so much information – they have all the offers presented in front of them in an easily comparable format. If your prices are too high you won’t get as many bookings. If they are low you will get a lot more. 

But it is not just this. Big hotel chains are taking over more and more of the market, and with them comes high-quality data-analytics and a very high level of pricing. Furthermore, with the advent of more open data-sharing, now independent hotels also have access to software like ours. So, more and more of your competitors are now using dynamic pricing, which means that unless you are keeping up with them, you are losing out.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ve made it our mission to make keeping up with the competition inexpensive, and even maybe a bit fun.  In fact, we think we can even help you to beat them at their own game. Our pricing is done in a unique way – like a financial algorithm. Though inexpensive, it is trusted by many high-end revenue management consultants because of the pricing quality.

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