What is a Pace Report?

Pace Reports are designed to give a quick snapshot of future rooms revenue versus the previous year.

The Pace Graphs is always calculating from today's date. 

So let's assume from the example graph above that today is the 20th November 2019. 

It is important to remember the date / month for the graph calculations in a Pace report format.

How does this graph work?

  • Green Bars (Current Revenue)

The green bars "Current Revenue" shows your current revenue for the current and forward months. 

It also shows your current revenue for the next 11 months in advance, as of today.

So assuming today is November 2019, December is showing your current revenue for next month (this will likely increase as December approaches) whereas March is showing your current revenue for March 2020 (which will likely also increase over the next few months). 

  • Purple Bars (Revenue 1 - 12 Months Ago)

The dark grey bars "1 - 12 months ago" shows your revenue for the previous 12 months, as of this date last year.
So the dark grey for Aug is showing the calculated revenue for August 2019, as it was on the 20th November 2018 (this date last year).

  • Blue Bars (Revenue 13 - 24 Months Ago)

The light grey bars "13 - 24 months ago" will operate similarly to the dark grey, only another year back. 

So for example, the light grey Aug in the graph above is looking at the revenue for Aug 2018 as of Nov 2017.

  • The lighter shades

The striped bars display the total revenue that was previously received for that month. 

So how am I tracking?

If your "Current Revenue" (the green bars) are displaying a higher amount than the others, then you are tracking very well. 

You are essentially earning more revenue this year, than you did at the same time last year.

In the example below, today is the 20th November 2019 and I am slightly down in revenue compared to this time last year (20th November 2018). 

*Maybe I should consider some last minute specials?

  • In this example, my current revenue for November 2019 (as of today) is ~ $136,000.00.
    Keep in mind, there are still 10 days left in the month to receive more bookings and get a higher revenue by month end.

  • Revenue for November 2018 was slightly higher; ~ $137,000.00 as of this date last year (20 November 2018).

  • Revenue for November 2017 however was lower, only ~ $130,000.00 as of this date 2 years ago (20 November 2017).

Important Notes

  • The graph will only ever go as far back as 2 years from today's date.
  • It is important to note that the years will change, as the 1st January is cycling through the graph. 

  • The revenue is calculating at an individual Property level, with the total booking revenue being based on the booking stay date. The report includes (Instant) Confirmed Bookings and Held Bookings.
  • The revenue will only include commission and discount extras, and is GST Inclusive.
  • Based on the last two points, the figures displayed in your pace report will most likely not correlate with your standard iBex Occupancy & Revenue report.
  • For more in depth statistics of your revenue, we recommend you use the Sales Report (under the Finance heading in iBex) filtering on a month-by-month basis, and also filter on the Date Type:  Occupied.
  • Unit Types which are not enabled for the Occupancy & Revenue report, will also not display statistics on the Dashboard's Revenue Pace Report (refer to screenshot below).