Setting up a Cancellation Extra:

To create a Cancellation Fee extra which has be applied to the above policy, go to:

  1. New Extra from your iBex menu (under the Extras heading).

  2. Leave the Type on Fixed Value

  3. Select a *Category, and enter a *Name, and *Short Name to this extra:

  4. Save at the bottom of the page.

Creating a Policy:

You can access the Cancellation Policy set ups from your iBex menu, underneath the Account heading. 

By creating a cancellation policy, an extra will be automatically applied to any bookings which are cancelled in iBex (based on the rules you have set up on the policy). 

Select the button New Policy to start creating a new policy.

  1. You will need to give your new policy a title, for example: "Last Minute Cancellation"

  2. Select a Charge Code
    *This is the pre-set extra which will be applied to your bookings.

  3. Select the number of days before arrival, or anytime before arrival

  4. Optional: Select the number of days after they have made a booking, before the cancellation will apply

  5. Cancellation Charge: either
    % of Booking Value (with an optional minimum fee)
    Number of Nights
    Fixed Dollar Amount (with an option for per person).

  6. Select the properties it will apply to, and Save.


Please see below example where a 100% cancellation fee will apply to bookings which are cancelled last minute (within 24 hours of expected arrival).