To begin using Housekeeping, you will need to set up your Rules.  Rules determine which jobs will appear on the Jobsheet.

What are rules

The Housekeeping Rules page allows you to set up your housekeeping in iBex. It determines which jobs will appear on your Jobsheet, which is the list to you give to your housekeepers each morning of their jobs for the day.

To begin using Housekeeping, you will need to enable the rules you want to use, and disable any rules that do not apply to your property. Please see our instructional video here, or follow the instructions below.

Go to Housekeeping > Rules in the menu.

If there is no Housekeeping section in your menu, please contact support to enable housekeeping for your account.

Rules that are enabled will be "switched on" and will apply to your future bookings:

Rules that are disabled will be "switched off":

To enable or disable a rule, click the switch

Below you will see  4 default rules you can enable in your account:


Clean a room when a booking checks out.

Daily Service

Clean a room every day it is occupied by a guest staying over. This is usually a short clean done for guests who arrived before today and will not be checking out today.

Weekly Service

Clean a room every 7th day of their stay (only applies to bookings 9 days or longer). This is appropriate for properties which don't service units every day, but do service them every week.


Check a room if it has an Arrival today. This is for properties who like to check rooms are prepared before check in time. It can be used to remind your housekeepers to check milk is ready in fridges, turn on lamps and heaters, or leave a welcome note for your guests.

If you wish to apply the Rules to selected Properties or selected Unit Types you will need to click on "Edit" to make these changes (see screenshot below):

Upgrade your account to Housekeeping Advanced

If you would like to create your own rules instead of using the default rules you will need to have Housekeeping Advanced enabled in your account. Housekeeping Advanced is only available for accounts on the Accelerate or Growth plans. Please contact us if you are interested in upgrading your plan.

Creating your own Rules 

  • Click on Rules in the side menu 
  • Click on the Add Rule button
  • In the modal give a rule a name and select a category 

You will be then taken to a page where you can set the type of rule, the type of repeat and the date  when the rule should apply from:

Full Service

On the Housekeeping advanced plan you will see an additional default rule called "Full Service" . 

You will notice it is set to clean a room every 4th day of a stay. This is a full clean of a room for longer stays, usually involving changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming. Full services cannot be scheduled within days of a guest's departure, and only apply to bookings that are at least 7 days long.

The frequency of Full Cleans is set by "Every 4 Days". Change this number if your Full Cleans are a different frequency (e.g. every 6 days).