's occupancy-based pricing can now be managed within your iBex channel manager. This means iBex can send the maximum occupancy to, and update additional pax rates at To be able to set additional person prices, your account needs to have Rate Level Occupancy pricing (RLO) enabled. If unsure, please contact directly. will use your additional guest fee set in the channel manager to compute maximum occupancy pricing.

Maximum occupancy pricing:  Nightly Base Rate + Additional Person Rate x Additional Guests

Here's a sample Standard Rate in iBex. Nightly rate is $200 based on 2 guests, and additional guest fee is $20 per person, up to 5 guests.  

Maximum occupancy pricing:  $200 + $20x3 = $260.

iBex will send the base room rate of $200 to, and they will apply an offset amount for higher levels of occupancy. 

To apply additional pax pricing at you can set this in your connection in iBex:

  1. Go to your channel connection where you will be taken to the “Channel mapping” tab (Search Sales Channels in your side menu then click on the bookcom ID)

  2. Ensure you have “Rate Level Occupancy” ticked and click Save

  3. Under the Additional Pax Pricing column set the additional guest fee for the selected room  - see screenshot below


    • If additional pax pricing is set to “blank” the default additional pax price set at will be used. 

    • If additional pax pricing is set to “0” a warning will alert users that additional guests will not be charged and can stay free of charge.

    4.  Click Save and then Save & Update Channel to update with the additional pax pricing

    5.  You can validate in the Sales Channel Update Log to confirm that Rate Level Occupancy pricing has been updated successfully- click on the View Log button


    • Maximum occupancy at will be updated by iBex, limited by the total number of guests set on the rate plan and the max. occupancy set on the room type.
      E.g. if the room is set to max. 5 guests, but the rate plan is limited to 2+2 guests, the maximum occupancy at will be updated to 4 guests.

    • The API doesn't allow to increase the maximum number of guests at Please contact directly if this needs to be changed.