Since different sales channels have different systems that have different functionality, making a connection and mapping rooms and rates between the iBex Channel Manager and their systems vary depending on which sales channel it is.

Saying that, the Channel Mapping table generally works the same apart from the different columns or options available. Below is a general example how to set and use the mapping table.

For more information about which sales channels have what capability, please refer to the important information about the individual sales channel by selecting their option in the Sales Channel connections option in the menu on the left.

General Mapping Guide

In order for iBex to update any sales channel with your rates and availability, your sales channel account must have the rooms and rates registered so that they can be selected in the channel mapping table and mapped accordingly.

Each row needs you to select what room and rate is applied to which room in your sales channel account and each column is explained below.

iBex Room Name - This is the room in your iBex account that the availability is calculated from that is sent to any rooms that are set in the Channel Room Name column.

Only the room types that have been mapped to the sales channel selling group will be listed in this column.

Channel Room Name/Channel Room ID - This is the name or ID of the room in your sales channel account that will receive the availability of the iBex Room Name in the same row.

Only rooms registered in your sales channel account will be listed here.

Stop Sell - Once connected, you can remove the availability for a room type from the sales channel account (so they could no longer offer it for bookings to their customers) by selecting the stop sell option here.

This may be applicable to different rates rather than rooms depending on the sales channels functionality.

iBex Rate Name - This is the iBex rate that you want to send to the sales channel to charge for the channel room name.

Only rates that have been mapped to the sales channel selling group will be able to be selected here.