The offline vehicle registration and pax checker will enable Seekom iBex PMS users to check vehicle registration’s and units/sites on a tablet or smartphone.

Access to the internet will be required when syncing the phone/tablet, but after that the system should be usable with no internet access.

A valid user account with correct permissions is required to use this feature. Sharing accounts cannot be encouraged by Seekom due to our T&C forbidding it.

It should work on most devices, however older tablets and phones may lack the browser features needed for this to completely work offline.

This is ultimately still a website page, not a phone/tablet application. Functionality is limited to what mobile browsers will allow. In this case it does limit the amount of data stored down to what’s valid and a period either side, but the full history isn’t plausible.

Feature Control

PMS Options

Access to this feature will be controlled through a new PMS option. The option is labelled “Offline Vehicle Registration” if you need help accessing it please contact Seekom support.

User Permissions

A new permission will be added, so operators can control which users have access to the system.

Supported Devices

The following devices will be officially supported. New devices will be supported when they are extended to the market and tested by Seekom.

Accessing the App

You can access the app by going to:

Note: You must access this through https, this is because it uses the same secure login method that standard ibex uses.

Or alternatively scan the following QR code to take you straight to the page:

TIP - print this page off and stick the QR code in a handy accessible place

Initial Login

When a you first load the app you will be required to enter your iBex username and password.After this you will be required to enter a pin.Only one account can be registered with the app at a time. This is due to the data being encrypted against the saved user and their permissions. For this reason when the user is logging with their their username and password they must be connected to the internet.

Future Login

Next time you go to use the application you will see your name presented on the screen:

Clicking on your name will then present the pin entry where all you will need to do is enter your previously saved pin:

If another username and password is entered the previous user and their data will be wiped from the device.This is important to note, if you forget your pin you can simply login again and set a new pin. The device will then re-sync your data.

Search Screen

Once you have logged in you will be directed to the search screen. Here you can search for bookings using the search filters, and view the reservations for that day:

The initial view of the search screen

Search Filters

The user has access to the following search filters:

  • Guest Names - lead guest and guests first & last names

    • Booking Reference

    • Vehicle Registration

    • Unit / Site Name

    • Room Name

    • Arrival Date

    • Departure Date

    • Check-In Status

    • Unit Reporting Group
      - This option only shows if the account has some unit reporting groups.

    • Sort Reservations
      - This will default to Unit Type Ascending.

Search screen with filters in use

If there are no bookings found with the user’s selected filters a message will display explaining this to the user with a button allowing them to clear all the filters currently selected. Clearing all filters will not affect the sorting of the reservations.

Search Screen - No bookings matching current set filters

Reservation Data

The following reservation data can be viewed:

  • Unit Name

    • Booking reference

    • Arrival Date

    • Departure Date

    • Vehicle Registration

    • Booking Status

    • Lead Guest

    • Phone/Mobile

    • Guests

    • Room Name

    • Booking Notes (Private)

    • Pax Counts

If there are no bookings a message will be displayed explaining this to the user and a button to try and resync the data.

Search Screen - No bookings found


Hiding Filters

As there are a number of search filters they take up a lot of screen real estate. A button has been added to minimize the search filters. Once the filters are minimized they can be expanded again by clicking on the “search Filters”:

Data Resync

The data is loaded for the day that the user last logged in with internet access. The user can refresh the data at any time in the search screen simply by clicking the “Re-sync” button. If the sync is successful (has internet access) then the date and time of the last sync will be updated:

Auto Logout

The user will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Known Issues

Safari <=8.0 - because the loading screen uses flexbox to align itself vertically within the page, however safari 8 and below require vendor prefixes aren’t don’t completely support it. The loading screen has had a margin added to help with this but it will appear differently on an ios device running safari lower than or equal to version 8.