Once connected, Callista will update your iBex system with the number of rooms you have available.

iBex will then send this availability (plus prices for these room types as set up in iBex) to your public Booking Screen and to any Sales Channels that your iBex Channel Manager is connected to.

When you receive an online booking, iBex notifies Callista which will then collect the data automatically from your iBex system.

In order for Callista and iBex to link up, you will need to purchase the CIRIS interface from Callista. 

If you do not already have Ciris you may find that the additional cost is more than what you expected. If that is the case please feel free to get in touch with Seekom Support for more information on our all-in-one PMS system.

How to connect Callista to your iBex system

As mentioned above you will first need to purchase CIRIS from Callista.

Once installed, Callista will require:

  1. Your iBex Property ID (which is found by selecting the Maintain Property Details option in the menu).

  2. The account Username (which the account holder uses to log into the account).

  3. Your Room Type ID's (which can be found in the Search/Maintain Room Types option in the menu).

Callista will then connect their system to iBex and send through an update of availability.

You must then check that the availability matches what is in both accounts by selecting random dates and checking that iBex has been updated correctly.