Process DPS Refunds Through Windcave (formerly Payment Express)

If you do not have the PXPost service you will need to process any refunds as a DPS Purchase with a negative amount.

If you do have the PxPost service then any payment that is logged in a booking can be refunded by clicking Edit at the end of the necessary payment line that needs to be refunded.
The refund will be refunded to the same card that you have selected to be edited.

  • Once the payment is highlighted, you can select DPS Refund as the payment method

  • Enter the amount to be refunded (this cannot be more than the value the original payment was for but can be less)

  • Click Save

As you can see, a new pay ID has been created but the Pay Ref (which is DPS's reference) is the same as the original transaction as the card is the same.