Online Booking Payments

Please Note that this is for DPS users who have PxPost set in their account - If you do not have PxPost, the below will not be available for you to use.

If a customer has made an online booking, they would have paid any deposit requirement through your DPS account when they made the booking. This will be logged in the Finance summary in the booking and if you go into the payments screen for that booking, you can click the Edit button to view the payment details.

In some cases (such as when a booking was On Request), the payment may be 'held' so no transaction has been made.If you were confirming the booking, you would need to complete the payment by:

  • Selecting Edit at the end of the held payment record,

  • Select DPS Complete as the payment method,

  • Click Save

There may be a 10-15 second delay while the transaction is being processed but once successful, a new payment record will be added to the payment screen.

If you are not confirming the booking, simply leave as is.

To process any further payments for the booking you can either use the DPS Payment or DPS Token (if you have the PxPost service) options.