Seekom is pleased to announce a new “Preferred Partner Programme” agreement with Direct Payment Solutions (DPS).

By using the DPS payment gateway you can take real-time credit card payment for your online bookings up front, improving your cashflow and securing payment instantly.

Our iBex product is already integrated with DPS’s payment gateway and allows you to

  • Take real-time deposit payments at time of booking

  • Make additional “card not present” charges to the customer’s card via a token held by iBex

  • Issue refunds

  • Fully PCI

More information on Direct Payment Solutions can be found here

Under this new partnership programme, all Seekom users are entitled to discounted monthly rates.

  • This includes a $30 +GST monthly fee for 100 allowable transactions, an overage of $0.30 and a setup fee of $100 +GST.
    If interested, please fill out the form below and DPS will be in touch: