The iBex notification system will advise you of any necessary notifications and enhancements regarding the system.

The different status's are:

  • Flashing orange News - Unread notification

  • Solid orange News - Opened but not read

  • Black icon - No new Notifications

Each status is relevant to the person logged in so all staff who have their own log-in's will have their own status.

All notifications or enhancements are saved in your account and you can read them at any time by selecting the notification icon or in the Notices option in the Help section at the bottom of your menu.


Time Based View and Date Based View are also preferences in the Screen Options.

All notifications are categorised either as an Urgent Notification, a Notification or an Enhancement.

Any Urgent Notification will auto open the News field to highlight it’s importance. You can then chose to either read the notification straight away or close the pop up and read it later.