This report has been designed for the operator to customise what columns and filters they would like on the room servicing report for their housekeeping staff.


To open the Room Servicing Report, select it from the “Reports” submenu. See example below of what the report will look like:

Rows Per Page: Set how many rows you want to appear on each page

Columns:  Select and deselect the columns to appear on the page


You have the ability to create multiple saved reports and have one of them as your  default. Save/create  them by clicking on the “Save Filter” button.

Report Options

  • Dates - This is where you have the ability to select your ‘to” and “from” date.This will pull through  the schedules which are set for the units.  You can also click on the setting symbol to use the advance date search options.


  • Properties - This filter only shows if your iBex account is multi property account. It will give you the option to run the report on single or multiple properties

  • Service Type -  This will show all the schedules you have added from the “Manage Room Servicing Rules in your scroll bar menu

  • Overdue -  If selected “On” regardless of what you select in your date range it will show ALL overdue service statuses from the past (excludes the)&*(&)*(&)*(&)*(&)(*&)(*&)*(&

  • When the overdue option is switched ”Off” this will show all your service statuses for that date range

  • Unit Groups -  If you use reporting groups in iBex this field will show your list of unit groups which are found/set on the unit

  • Service Status - This will show the status of the service type which is managed in the “Time Servicing Sheet” in your scroll bar menu

  • Unit Check In Status - You have the ability to select the options check in, check out, not checked in or all.

Exporting Report

The report has an export button which if clicked will create an export file.

  • Searched filters and fields will show in the export

  • Exporting the report will show ALL columns in the spreadsheet/file

  • Exports are limited to 5000 records