PMS users only - Please note that this option must be activated by your iBex account manager so please contact your support team if required.

iBex offers different room servicing schedules that can be applied to different room types within your account.

When a guest checks in, the room servicing schedule is automatically applied to their room according to what has been set which can then be seen on the Room Servicing Report.

The report will show the room details, the number of each type of guest (adult, children, infants), the type of service, the priority (which will automatically show if the room is being used the same day by a new guest), the booking reference, and any comments that you may have added to the report.

The servicing set can be viewed and viewed and edited within the booking which enables all staff users to add comments, additional requests, etc which will be displayed on the report allowing the servicing staff to carry out any additional requests.

Once the room/unit has been serviced, you can update it in the system so that it has been logged as being serviced by updating the list in the Room status option (in the Property Maintenance section in the menu).

It is completely up to you how you interpret what is involved in each type of service (for example, daily, partial, full, departure) – just so long as your servicing staff knows what the difference is.


The room servicing report can be found in the Reports section in the menu.
You can select which property (if necessary) and the date required.

Once you have the servicing report displayed, you can print by using the print functions of your web browser ...

  • For Chrome, right click your mouse anywhere in the body of the report and a menu will display,
  • For Firefox, use the Ctrl + P keys on your computer and the print dialogue will show.

Once a room has been serviced, you can log it in iBex by selecting the room from the list which can be found in the Room Status option in the Property maintenance section in the menu.

Any booking with a room that has not been logged as being serviced which should be serviced will have a red towel symbol in the Arrivals & Departures list as shown below so that you are aware whether or not your guests room is ready.