When logging a payment in a booking, you select the payment method in which the customer paid by so that you can reconcile your payments for your accounts. You set these in your Account settings.

Payment methods can only be set by the Master Login.


1.Go to Account Details.

2.Scroll down the screen to the Maintain Payment Methods option and click.

3.A pop-up will appear and you can add the Payment Method

4.Click Save, and this will add into the list of payment methods. You can add one at a time without closing the window, just click Save each time you add a new method.

5.Next time you take a payment on a booking, you will see your new payment option in the drop down list:

TIP: to delete a payment method go to Account Details > Maintain Payment Methods and select the Delete check box on the right hand side of the pop up for any methods you no longer require and click Save then Exit.