You can amend the description of any item that you add to an invoice.

Please note that you cannot make changes to any items on an invoice that have been saved to an invoice other than the item description.
This is because doing so will immediately cause the invoice to be out of balance with the booking which will cause an error so any fields that affect the balance such as dates and rates values will be locked.

For example, if you have created an invoice and the guest then changes their booking (such as moves rooms or stays longer), the booking and the invoice will no longer match so the invoice will be incorrect. Once you have amended the booking you can either delete the original booking item from the invoice and add the new booking item, or cancel the original invoice and start a new one.


  • Select Invoice in the Finance tab of a booking or on the Finance Summary pop up

  • On the Create Invoice pop up screen, select the Invoice link at the very left of each line item.
  • Having clicked on the invoice link, iBex will bring up the following screen.

  • The area to edit is displayed in the top part of the screen and the record being edited is highlighted in yellow in the list of items of the booking.

This allows you to change the line description that was automatically generated from the invoice line item details, the tax rate (if applicable) and the ledger field.

Any changes made can be saved by clicking the Save button.

If you need to change any other details such as dates, rates, add an item or delete an item, you will need to do this at the booking level.

Version 4 users will need to exit the invoicing screens and amend the booking.

Version 3 users can click the Booking link which will take you back to the booking item that this invoice line item refers to. Once you make the changes to the booking, then when you next go into the invoice screen you will see the changes. If you wanted to add a new extra, click the Add Sale Item button which will take you to the booking extras screen where you can add a new extra and when saved, will appear in the invoice.

NOTE: The link to the booking and the Add Sale Item button are only available for version 4 users who have been upgraded from version 3 because the links are to version 3 screens only. New version 4 users will need to close out of this screen and either edit the items or add new items in the V4 booking screen and then return to the invoice. This is only temporary until the invoicing module is converted to version 4.