There are two ways to retrieve an invoice. 

The first is via the booking and the second is via one of the invoice reports (which will include cancelled and deleted invoices).


Via a Booking

1. Open the Booking
2. Go into the Finance tab
3. Click on the Invoices link 


The screen that opens will then display all invoices raised against this booking so you can click on the invoice number to view/amend the details or add a payment.

Via Invoice Reports

There are 3 different types of Invoice reports you can use:

1.) Invoices - displays invoices with the latest invoice at the top. The Invoices & debtors screen is the best place to manage your invoices as you can filter the invoices displayed by date range, Unpaid, or All.  

2.) Invoice Detail - A report of all items invoiced and their descriptions, but without the invoice header details

3.) Invoice Log -  A report for all invoices (whether created, updated, cancelled or deleted),


  • To open an invoice within the list, simply click on the invoice number.
  • The export button allows you to create a file that can be read in a spreadsheet application (eg.Excel).