-PMS users only

If a unit has been excluded from sale (whether by yourself or automatically by iBex), you can easily make it available again.

If a unit is web excluded (which is shaded grey on the calendar) you can manually enter a booking into that unit and the web exclusion will be automatically removed.


1. Click on one of the excluded cells on your bookings calendar and the Quick New Booking pop up will appear.


2. Select the Exclude/Include Unit button so that it is highlighted green. 

3. Select the dates that you want to remove the exclusion for.


If you are removing a previous exclusion, it is not necessary to enter the exact date or time as the unit is already included for sale outside of these dates. It is recommended to set the dates the day before and after to avoid any 'minutes' that may remain excluded.

4. Select the unit or units that you want to remove the exclusion from.
You can select multiple units, grouped under a same Unit Type, with a single click instead of selecting each unit one by one.
Simply click on the name of Unit Type to select all units listed under it. (See example screenshot below)

5. Select Include so that it is highlighted green (as shown below).

6. Click Set.

Once set, you will see on your bookings calendar that the unit has been made available for bookings again as the exclusion has been removed.

Video Instructions