You can change the sell method at any time and iBex will instantly update your public booking screen and send an update to any sales channels that are connected to your Channel Manager.

You can change the sell mode for a specific room type (or all of them) for any specific date, or over an extended date range. Like rates, there are 2 modes depending on whether your change is for a short period (for example, a specific date or weekend) or an extended duration (longer than a week) - the option activated is highlighted green.

Important notes:

1. Changing the sell method does not override any On Request Threshold or On Request Lead Time settings.
2. iBex will instantly send any changes to the sales channels but their website may not be updated immediately. This could be for a number of reasons but is usually down to the amount of 'traffic' their system is dealing with at that time. If it hasn't been instantly updated, give it a couple of minutes before checking again.
3. On Request basis applies to your public booking screen only. Sales channels do not operate on request sales so any units that are On Request will be treated as being unavailable.

TIP - Setting rooms to be On Request basis can be extremely useful.

For example, if there is a local event, you may want to put your rooms to on request basis so any bookings made online are not instantly confirmed. This gives you several advantages such as the booking can now only be made directly with you (so avoiding any commission bookings over a peak period), and it gives you control over who your guests are as you can chose whether or not to accept a booking (as you may prefer to take a group of 4 rather than a couple).

To manage the sell method, you can either select the View availability option in the Availability & sell mode section in the menu or by going into the Availability & Sell Method tab when on a Calendar screen.

The table is colour coded (with the key on the bottom right) and advises you the number of units of that room type that you have available on a daily basis and what their sell mode is.

Some Useful Tips:

If the date is not showing on screen, just use the scroll bars on the date line or select a date in the mini calendar on the right hand side.

If you hover over the room type's iBex name, iBex will provide a summary of that room types maximum allocation and if there is an On Request or Lead Time Threshold set. If there is and you want to change it, just click on the iBex room name and it will take you to that room type's settings. You can then amend these settings in the Advanced Rules section of the Details tab. Once updated, you can amend the sell method for this room type by going into the Availability tab or by selecting the View Availability option in the menu again.

If a room type has an On Request or Lead Time Threshold set and you hover over any cell that is affected by the threshold, iBex will advise you of the setting so that you can amend if required.

Instructions (Long Term)

Any users that manually update their availability will have slightly different options to select from. In Step 1 you need to select the Availability & Sell Method - Long Termoption and once it pops up, activate the Set Sell Method option so that it is green.

Please click here for more information.

    1. Select the Set Sell Method - Long Term option.

    2. Click on any cell within the table and a Set Sell Method pop up will appear.

    3. Select the Room type(s) that you want to work on by opening the drop down option or select all.

    4. Enter the date range that you want the sell method to apply (see note below).

    5. Click on the sell method you want to apply so it is highlighted green.

    6. Click Set Sell Method.

iBex will advise Sell methods updated so you can close the pop up and view the changes on the calendar.


If you set a date range longer than a week (but not as indefinite), the days of the week will appear so that you can apply the changes to only specific days of the week if required.

Instructions (Short Term)

    1. Select the Sell Method - Short Term option.


    2. Select what sell mode you want to set so that it is highlighted green.

    3. Click on any cell that represents the date and room type that you want to select.


    4. Click Save.

Once saved, iBex will confirm that the sell method has been updated.

Some Useful Tips:

If you click on the actual date in the date row of the calendar, all room types will be selected.

If you are setting the sell method through the Availability tab when in a room type's settings, you can select the My Booking Screen option in the Actions tab enabling you to double check that the sell method has been updated correctly on your public booking screen.

Video Instructions