Categories enable the customer (and you) to easily find what they want to add to their booking. You can see some examples on the Extra's overview page.

Your Categories will show on your booking screen after your customer has selected their room (as shown below) and in your iBex system when you add an extra to a booking.

If the customer clicks on the Details option it will provide them with a full description of the extra's in that category.

Below are instructions on how to Add a new category or how to Amend or Delete an existing category:

Add a new Category

  1. Select Search Extra Categories in the Extras section in the menu
  2. A pop up will appear
  3. Click the New Button
  4. In the Code field it will advise that you are Registering a new category
  5. In the Category field, enter the name of the category you wish to add - this will be shown on your public booking screen as illustrated above.
  6. In the Exclusive option, select No if one or more extras in this category can be selected, or Yes if you can only choose one extra from the list of extras that will be registered in this category
  7. Add your own Comments if required (these are not shown to the customer)
  8. Click Save

Once you have Saved the new category you will be able to assign any extra's within it.

Amend  a Category

  1. Select Search extra categories in the Extras section in the menu
  2. A pop up will appear

  1. Select the Category from the drop down Select Category option
  2. Amend as required and click Save.