Here’s some general tips for using iBex:

  • When you start using your iBex account we recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox and bookmark the login screen as a favourite. This makes logging in a much quicker process.
You can actually bookmark any screen that you’re looking at so that when you log in using that bookmark, you get taken straight to that screen.

For example, you can save the Bookings Calendar and the Arrivals & Departures screens as different bookmarks. If someone calls or walks in to check in and you’re logged out, you can select the appropriate bookmark to log in and once logged in you are taken to that screen.

  • There are many shortcuts within your iBex system.
    They are shown in red as seen in the example shown below which is taken from the Overview tab of a booking. 

    You can either click on the link to open the option on the screen that you are looking at, or right click and then open the option in a new tab so that you have multiple screens open at the same time.

    For example, in the Overview tab when in a booking, you have links to the Booking Log, Email Log and Status Log for that booking. PMS users also have links to the Payments screen, Invoices, Customer database and more.

    These links, and many others, are provided within your iBex system so please try them out as you will almost certainly find a short cut to reduce the amount of clicks but with the same result. If you have opened a new screen by clicking on a link but want to go back to the previous screen you were looking at, just click the back arrow in your browser or the Backspace on your keyboard.

  • As mentioned above, you can open different screens in different tabs – simply right click on your mouse and select to open in a new tab. This allows you to switch between tabs and work on different screens at the same time.
     For example, you may be working on a booking and someone walks in to check in. You can open the Arrivals & Departures option from the menu in a new tab so that once you’ve checked the guest in, you can close the tab and continue working on the booking.

  • In the example above, I have 3 tabs open with different screens on; the Bookings Calendar (which will allow me to check availability if anyone calls to make a reservation), Booking #2244 which I'm working on, and the Arrivals & Departures list as a guest has just arrived to check in.
  • If you see a credit card symbol on any screen, hover over it and a pop up will appear providing you with the Financial summary of the booking. On the pop up, there are links to log a payment, create an invoice, add credit card details, and view and print a booking receipt.

  • If you want to go back to the screen that you were previously working on (or one before), just press the Backspace key on your keyboard.

  • Whenever you are not sure about something, try hovering your mouse over the subject or the field where you require more help or click the Help button on screen.